A narrative about the origin of mobile phones

These kids that are fortunate enough to grow up with the technology innovating, the history of our mobile phones has been with us for only 20 years.

We all have this feeling that as if we can’t survive a day without looking up our phone. Sometimes, we treat it as our life and the bonne into our clyde. In short, we are unfortunately depending our future to an uncertain path with these gadgets. It was in the America where activewear brands in 2017 sale being held and where the first mobile phones invented for the purpose of a two-way communication for an emergency services to a taxi driver to communicate, but they are not really handheld as they were only attached to the car.

Luckily, engineers in the US had invented a phone, that lets you shop and browse some online stores, that would not rely on any base stations in order to transmit messages, they have made the first handheld phones that would need a powerful and efficient base stations with a wider range of area for the phone networks to work.  On the 3rd day of 1973, the company of Motorola was the first one to mass produce a handheld mobile phones and they were known as the 0G, which is different from our 3G and 4G mobile technology.

Now, where did all this emoticons came from? On the year 1999,  a japanese man named Shigetaka Kurita invented emojis. Unlike from what we have in our phones, these emojis are pictures instead of those kinky faces. Later then, mobile phones are being utilized as a primary medium to negotiate business with people who is miles away from the company. Then the features got innovated and emails began to arrived and the rest is history.

The mobile phones doesn’t have a long history, but the impact of it to the society makes it longer than ever imagined.

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