About Pinoy Electronic Forums

Pinoy Electronic Forums is an online platform for all business individuals wanted to promote their products/services around the country. The promotion is targeting mainly inside Philippines. The site offers promotions / advertise to any kinds of electronics, gadgets, furniture and etc. out there.

That  you might think is useful to our readers. The promotion should be in a form of articles that is no less than 500 words and a link (1 backlink) pointing to your website.

This is mainly to promote individuals (vloggers, product reviewers, geek, online enthusiast etc) participating in a community and to gain online exposure.  Your products can be your subjects by doing so.

Not to mention, our website considered as one of the top (not #1 but maybe in the 2nd place) ranking for the top pinoy forums in our country. We have a clean website (spam free) and has a good authority. Which means, we gained a big favor  in Google and normally we can rank higher esp. if we have a new posts.


On the other hand, we already built trust and being mentioned by others (through backlink). See screenshot below. 29.k is a massive amount. Being said we already did a good marketing on our website.


pinoy electronics forum






For Inquiries, submissions of articles/product reviews  and suggestions. Feel free to contact us through this form. Or email us at [email protected]