Best News applications for your iphone and android phones

Best  News applications for your iphone and android phones

No one of us can live alone and separated from world and other people, Reading news every morning before going to work is a good habit, it may warn you from bad weather and tell you good news for some one you care, ..etc.

So, we can help you with this, giving you the best News apps for your phone : Android or iPhone.

1-  New York Times Now :

One of the best News apps, it gives you the latest stories with just a simple refresh during the day, sadly, it is not available for Android.

If you have iphone you can simply get this app from apple store by searching : New York Times Now .

2-  BuzzFeed :

Another great news app that allows you to choose the news catogeries you are interested in .

The good news: this app is available for iphone and Android.

3-  SmartNews :

Another great news app which is available for Android and iphone, it shows the trending stories from USA Today, Bleacher report, Quartz, Reuters, AP and Perez Hilton.

4-  Google News & Weather :

It’s one of the greatest google apps, it shows news from different publishers from around the world, you just choose what you want to see and read.

Of course it is available for Android Phones and iphone.

5-  Flipboard :

This app shows the most exciting stories of the day that makes the reder get engaged.

Flipboard is available for download on itunes and Android.

6-  Reddit :

Reddit is one of the biggest Social Websites on the internet, people share all interesting stuff from all over the world and there are up votes and down votesby real members, So you see the most exciting stories only.

It is available on Google Play and Itunes.

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7-  Yahoo News Digest :

Yahoo News Digest is one the best news apps, it offers the top 10 stories of your region, it gives updates all the day.

It is available on Iunes and Google play.

final words :

You must keep peace with all world and get one of the best news apps for Android or iphone.

Waiting for you comments about the best apps on Google play and Itunes .