Tips in Up keeping longevity of an old Smartphone

Purchasing smart phones every year is very expensive even if it may be pretty normal to change it once in awhile, but this is the other side of the story. Few would rather keep the older ones, because brand new smart phones are high-priced. However, despite the thought that we could save money from buying new ones, old electronic devices tend to have bunch of problems that could ruin our day or delay our work.

There would be a situation where you are about to save something important then you’re phone suddenly shut down; Then, mobile apps would start crashing down; Afterwards, when you are visiting an online shopping website to buy a semicolon ring then your phone would flash this on screen―”15% Battery life”.

Getting rid of unnecessary things in your phone

This is actually the biggest problem that most of the people would encounter and one of the reasons why they can’t discharge these things, because of its sentimental value. Furthermore, this makes it hard to delete and will make the phone become lack of storage. Especially that your phone would only accept up to 8 GB, and you badly need to install important apps, which makes it difficult to get rid.

It would be better to try visit the settings in your phone and deactivate the auto-update of your electronic device. Also, it would be more useful if time to time, you would save your images, videos and files to a USB, because honestly, this are the things that would fill your remaining free storage. Even the picture of you wearing an activewear women’s clothing you just bought online.


Incorporate more storage

Like anybody else, a phone has its own limit to which extent it can hold up so much files. Fortunately, in iPhones and Android devices, you can use offloading video, photos and music that doesn’t require an access all the time.

If you are very lucky, you can purchase a microSD card that consists of 16-126 GB, install them right away and it will only take you for less than a minute. However, if you are planning to buy bigger than that, better yet check your phone if it could hold up, because if not, it would respond slower than you’ve ever imagine.

Conclusively, the owners of a smart mobile devices could also utilize wireless gadgets (Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick), or even Internet which is faster than anything else.

Gain Faster Charging

When you are already noticing that your phone is charging slowly, maybe there is something wrong with its cable or inside the case. Basically, to solve this problem, try to check the inside of your phone if there is a dirt or anything that could give disturbance and inconveniency. Second, clean it if you find something and use a rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud, and it will clean up the corners and in-between of your cable.

If ever you would get a cheap cable, there’s a big chance that you’ll get a bad quality cable, so might as well, get rid of that before it could burn your precious phone. In addition, it would be a worthwhile of investment if you would fix the errors you’ve notice, before it could ruin your important files. This way, you could prolong the energy life of your battery and so as its span of service.

The most important thing to remember is that the longevity of a phone should not rely on on how expensive it is, but how it was treated well during the years of service. We may admit it or not, but if a phone has been with us for how many years, it would be hard to get rid of it.

Best tricks on the internet to speed up your iphone

the age, Updates to iOS is a double edged sword, some times make older iphones slower.

You will get rid of this problem by using these wonderful tricks, just follow these instructions to give your phone a new life.

Turn your phone off and on again :

Turning your phone off and on again may boost performance, it is easy and quick.

Reduce transparency :

Appearance is very important for most of us but when it comes to performance, its better to reduce transparency to boost performance and decrease load.

You can reduce transparency by:  Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast and toggle Reduce Transparency to On.

You should also think about going to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggling on Reduce Motion.

Uninstall unused apps:

Apps uses resources and take up space by updating and running in the background.

Just go to your apps manager and uninstall all apps you don’t use regurarly in addition to games.

Turn Siri features off:

Siri suggests things automatically when you search in iOS and up, you should turn it off to prevent your phone delay and boost performance.

You can turn Siri off as follow : Settings > General > Spotlight Suggestions > Siri Suggestions.Another feature that could be causing a performance hit is “Hey Siri.” If you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you can say “Hey Siri” at any time to bring Siri to life, and it works on some older iPhones when they’re plugged in and charging. If you want to turn it off, you’ll find it under Settings > General > Siri.

Turn off automatic downloads:

Just take a look in Settings>App and iTunes Stores, you will find a section called Automatic downloads.

If your iPhone is the only device associated with your Apple ID, then you might want this on, but if it isn’t, then you could be automatically downloading new app and content purchases you made on another device that you really don’t want on your iPhone. If you are going to use automatic downloads, we’d suggest turning off Use Cellular Data in Settings > App and iTunes Stores.

Best News applications for your iphone and android phones

No one of us can live alone and separated from world and other people, Reading news every morning before going to work is a good habit, it may warn you from bad weather and tell you good news for some one you care, ..etc.

So, we can help you with this, giving you the best News apps for your phone : Android or iPhone.

1-  New York Times Now :

One of the best News apps, it gives you the latest stories with just a simple refresh during the day, sadly, it is not available for Android.

If you have iphone you can simply get this app from apple store by searching : New York Times Now .

2-  BuzzFeed :

Another great news app that allows you to choose the news catogeries you are interested in .

The good news: this app is available for iphone and Android.

3-  SmartNews :

Another great news app which is available for Android and iphone, it shows the trending stories from USA Today, Bleacher report, Quartz, Reuters, AP and Perez Hilton.

4-  Google News & Weather :

It’s one of the greatest google apps, it shows news from different publishers from around the world, you just choose what you want to see and read.

Of course it is available for Android Phones and iphone.

5-  Flipboard :

This app shows the most exciting stories of the day that makes the reder get engaged.

Flipboard is available for download on itunes and Android.

6-  Reddit :

Reddit is one of the biggest Social Websites on the internet, people share all interesting stuff from all over the world and there are up votes and down votesby real members, So you see the most exciting stories only.

It is available on Google Play and Itunes.

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7-  Yahoo News Digest :

Yahoo News Digest is one the best news apps, it offers the top 10 stories of your region, it gives updates all the day.

It is available on Iunes and Google play.

final words :

You must keep peace with all world and get one of the best news apps for Android or iphone.

Waiting for you comments about the best apps on Google play and Itunes .