How to Treat Ornamental Plants

How to Treat Ornamental Plants

Sleek, beautiful, and interesting is always expected appearance of ornamental plants as a decoration at home and outdoors. Therefore,plants need extra attention and intensive treatment to keep them healthy and attractive appearance.

Crops as well as pets that need more attention,when we truly care with a passioneven the crops will respond by displaying the figure of a healthy, beautiful, and graceful way you expect.

In the treatment of ornamental plants that need to be done is memeperhatikan wateringpruning and re-pottingAnd three things happen just when we want to propagate ornamental plants or membudidaykannya.

How Good Watering

The role of water in ornamental plants is very important because water elementselements that bring food for the plant through the root hairsUnsure chaos that is dissolved in water moves from the roots to the leaves. In the leafthis solution with carbonic acid gas forming foods further proposals circulating to all parts of the plant until the plant is not a sign of wilting and growthWater is also useful in time temperature control of hot air.

Life depends on watering plantsespecially plants in the potWhen watering too late, the crops will wither and eventually die because of evaporation from the cells in the plant. Whereas if excess watering will also not goodbecause it can cause the roots can not breathe and become rotten.

Unlike the case when we are planting directly in the open grounddespite the lack of water can still survive because the soil is still plenty of food and water recommendations.

1. Water Quality
The water should not arbitrarily waterbecause water is brought seeds of disease which can threaten the survival of plants, such as water, river guaranteed not dsapat cleanliness.
Good water quality is well waterbecause in it contains nutrients needed cropsWhen using rain water or tap water should be suppressed in advance approximately 12-14 hours, after which the new can be used for watering.

2. Water Quantity
Watering should be done in the morning or afternoon. When watering plantsusahkan on all parts of the plantespecially the leavesThis crop looks so freshand so we recommend using spray water on plants can be subtle details that do not damage the crop.

Amount or quantity of ornamental plants watering depends on the type of crop and crop parkAccording to the typethere are plants that like wet media and wet springWhereas according to the locationwhen placed in the room did not memmerlukan many water plants indoors because penguapannya bit and when placed outdoors

much needed water because evaporation occurs outside a lot.

Crops Must Stay Healthy

Plants placed in the room, preferably every 2 or 3 weeks once removedbecause plants also need a breath of fresh air and put on a position exposed to the sun.

Crops and surroundings should be kept cleanwatering or fertilizing container not scatteredbecause it can invite diseases.

In Crop Cultivation

On each plant requires nutrient elements between the different types of plants to one another then the application of fertilizer dose was differentCustomize the application of fertilizer according to a predetermined dose of fertilizer available in finishes.

Exampleon adenium plant fertilizer needed just a littleWe suggest using Slow release fertilizer with a low doseSlow release fertilizer is a kind of wrapped in a protective layer and dissolves a little bit when exposed to water splash of waterThus, there is the risk of over dosage aka tone.

Pest and Disease
Pestsaphids, caterpillars, thripswhite fliesand fungi

 Lice leaves, the signs become dwarf plantsdried leaves or curled leaves and weak stemsHow to fix it, remove plants that do not invade other plants, clean the leaves with warm water once a week andspray with appropriate medication and dosage crops.

 Wormssigns leaf worm holes and a lot of dirt around. How to fix it, destroy the worm and clean crops from weedsweeds that can invite worm.

 Thrips, the signs will crop failure in the form of interest and eventually fall outthe spots on the leavesand leaf blister then loss. How to fix itclean it with warm water plantthen spray the affected area withthe drug mites according to its kind once a week.

 White Fliessigns baigian surface and back into the black bag and there was a crowd of ants. This flies laying their eggs under the leaves diprtmukaanHow to overcome this problem, the ant is destroyedthen the crop cleaned with soapy water or warm water and sprayed with an appropriate remedy.

 Mushrooms, the signs seem withered cropscrown loss, curly leaf budsand stem and root rotHow to fix itwhich damaged parts removedthen replaced with a composition of planting media is rightand sprayed with something that fits with the crop.

The pruning

Benefits for pruning ornamental plants very many impacts, among which are:

Some branches of the plant expression to beautify the appearance of the plant.
Growth of stems and flowers will look compact.
Can trigger the emergence of new flowers to enhance the charm of the crop.
To avoid pests and diseasebecause it can break the cycle of the mite.


Re-potting is succession planting media, this would be done on media that are planted in pots because when not replaced then plant growth will be hamperedThat is because the plant is too sour Kedia or roots that already meets the pot.

Replacement planting media for annual crops is done 9-12 months, whereas for seasonal crops done 3-4 months. Time of planting media replacement should be done in the afternoonwhen the day doing a shady place.